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Sensei's Væg




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  •   mangopie12 13 dage siden

    will guide you on your highest and most favorable path :) love sensei!

  •   nzstars 26 dage siden

    Hopefully some good will come of our readings I am trying to keep faith and believe. The universe will show the way. Thanks for your words as they are encouraging.

  •   nzstars 1 måned siden

    Thank you for the reading Sensei. Your efforts and depth of communication are noted and are valuable.

  •   cazk0303 1 måned siden

    Thank you Sensei for the clarity and the guidance today..I truly appreciate you beyond measure.

  •   cazk0303 2 måneder siden

    Thank you Sensei for being a trusted guide, reader and friend...a true earth angel. Many blessings to you

  •   Nishhswishh 2 måneder siden

    Tunes in well!!

  •   GWS2019 2 måneder siden

    great work; great reading

  •   68nicole 3 måneder siden

    Great readings!!!! And he is sending messages too without asking for it. Great Sensei!!!

  •   cazk0303 3 måneder siden

    Thank you my friend...I truly appreciate you and the guidance you have provided me over time...You truly are an earth angel and I am very grateful for you.

  •   StPatty317 3 måneder siden

    Sensei is the real deal!!. I believe he is blessed by God with foresight!!

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