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MonikaCards | Numerology
70 Puntuación
I am a simple person who like very much to communicate with people and to help them.I also like to read the cards.It is my passion since I was very young.
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  •   tisiphone hace 9 días

    So lovely and so in tune with the situation, always bring clarity :)

  •   Apollonia1984 hace 9 días

    Very good card reader, honest, accurate and attentive!!!

  •   woodsprite hace 13 días

    Monika is a gentle, kind and wise soul.
    She eases my anxiety and I know she has a true talent.
    I highly recommend her and value her gift.

  •   tisiphone hace 21 días

    Incredibly precise and prescient reading, also very lovely person :)

  •   tisiphone hace 27 días

    Great and accurate reading, thanks Monika :)

  •   tisiphone hace 30 días

    Amazing reader :)

  •   karolina111 hace 30 días

    Monika is an understanding reader that always says the truth.

  •   MovingForward4 hace 1 mes

    Thank you - always right on and very good.

  •   vikvik5 hace 1 mes

    Monika is always honest and on point! Excellent reader!

  •   MovingForward4 hace 1 mes

    Thank you - always spot on

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