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bookmyprediction | Numerology
12 Puntuación
When you join my room if you share your birth date then I will tell you about yourself, That will showcase my skill. If you are satisfied then join me in private to find more details. I can guide you for your carrier, love, family, Money issue, etc. I give practical remedies to solve your problems.
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  •   abida3 hace 6 meses

    he is a good reader and give a accurate reading and know what he is talking about. He always give a good advice God bless him

  •   bookmyprediction hace 6 meses

    Thank you for your feedback

  •   ICTspring1 hace 7 meses

    A wonderful reading, full of insight, with fast connecting to my real situation and helpful advices on the things that have to be taken care of.

  •   bookmyprediction hace 7 meses

    Thanks for feedback

  •   needztoknow hace 8 meses

    I was physically shaking with worry when I entered. When we ended I was calm and looking forward what my future holds. Thank you for the help and the excellent tips!

  •   bookmyprediction hace 8 meses

    Thank you very much for positive reply

  •   WadeW91 hace 9 meses

    Bookmyprediction helped me reconcile with my father and showed the way to talk with my girlfriend! He is spot on and understand really well!

  •   bookmyprediction hace 9 meses

    Thank you very much for your review.

  •   Dillythesilly hace 9 meses

    He was incredibly accurate, I only can recommend!

  •   bookmyprediction hace 9 meses

    Thank you very much

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