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mssaul | Numerology
47 Puntuación
Hi, I am Mssaul, nice to meet all of you. I am in love with love, and would be happy to help you sort through the idiosyncrasies of your lives. Feel free to be as open with me as possible. As a natural born Psychic and Empath, I have been developing my abilities from the ripe age of 10 years old, when I realized I can help others. With my clairvoyant abilities I can tune into energies, emotions.
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  •   xxPhoenixRising hace 2 meses

    Thank you so much! She connects very fast.

  •   heavensangel242 hace 3 meses

    ty ms saul. i appreciate your outlook and insight into my question. your reading gave me a sense of calmness and surety with what i was feeling in my gut.

  •   junekay2013 hace 4 meses

    Amazing reading!!!

  •   Your Support Team hace 8 meses

    Your Support Team te desea un muy Feliz Cumpleaños!

  •   shaneka1992 hace 10 meses

    She is amazing!

  •   RNSchmidt hace 10 meses

    thanks for the helpful reading I enjoyed

  •   Suzanneshb hace 10 meses

    Thank You! Sorry I lost you! My iPad died!

  •   kprattis hace 10 meses

    Thankyou very insightful perspective

  •   junekay2013 hace 1 año

    Great reading! Thank you!!!

  •   AriesHeat hace 1 año

    Thank you so much, when I get paid next Friday I will definitely talk to you more.. There are a lot more questions that I have.. Keep doing what you're doing girl.

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