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LidijaLagrini | Numerology
67 votes
3,99 regular price, discount on Mondays. Hi, I am a medium, a natural born empath and clairvoyant, love and relationship expert and spirit communicator. I can connect you with people who crossed over. - Emotional analysis (love, career) and finding the solution - Dreams interpretation - Past lives - Spells removal - Reading with or without tools - Law of attraction.
  • Anglais, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin

Le mur de LidijaLagrini




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  •   junekay2013 Il y a 1 mois.

    Amazing reading !!

  •   karolina111 Il y a 2 mois.

    She's very detailed and feels things very well.

  •   Estrella1707 Il y a 2 mois.

    LidijaLagrini told me exactly what I knew deep down inside. Much needed clarity. Thank you. :)

  •   beanie23 Il y a 7 mois.

    Thank you for that reading! :) I hope things pan out on my situation!! will keep you updated.

  •   LyndaHarri Il y a 7 mois.

    Lidija's responses are very accurate. Thank you for giving me hope and a feeling of positivity.

  •   junekay2013 Il y a 8 mois.

    Absolutely amazing #1 reading in the world. She answered all my questions, she's very accurate. NO BS!! absolutely none, so you won't get any sugarcoating here. She tells it how it is and you brace yourself for the answer lol and you will love it and or hate it, but it is accurate and honest and in the end eventually you will love it because you want only the truth.

  •   popyrebel Il y a 9 mois.

    Great information really fast! Thank you.

  •   LidijaLagrini Il y a 9 mois.

    You are very welcome :)

  •   14Dec2013 Il y a 10 mois.

    LidijaLagrini thank you for the reading cant wait for 2019
    very much appreciated

  •   donknotts Il y a 10 mois.

    Very good. Very helpful and very insightful.

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