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TheCardLady | Numerology
25 votes
I'd like to consider myself your insightful counselor rather than a psychic reader. I work with different sorts of tarot and message cards to help gain insight on your situation. Then, I tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. I try to guide people on a path that is best suited for them but, the choice is ultimately yours to take my suggestions/advice.
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  •   Atlantis07 Il y a 2 mois.

    SO amazing!!

  •   empy05 Il y a 11 mois.

    Very good reader!

  •   Hellnotes4 Il y a 1 an.

    Amazing reader, she is kind and naturally able to connect to me without me even having to ask anything. I really appreciate the effort she puts int her readings, as well as her reading style! And those angel cards? I think more readers should use them!

  •   shamster09 Il y a 2 d'années.

    Best reader on here!

  •   luvme33 Il y a 2 d'années.

    awesome was right on point iam so happy I was able to speak with her she keeps it real no sugar coat FACTS

  •   shamster04 Il y a 2 d'années.

    very gifted! she can use the cards or use her gifts to connect!

  •   Atretea Il y a 2 d'années.

    a very quiete and nice person. Able to give precious peaces of advices. Go and hear to her!

  •   Debbie222 Il y a 3 d'années.

    What can I say , she's the best ! She's very honest and blunt in every situation. She picks on my situation really quickly every time.

  •   Debbie222 Il y a 3 d'années.

    You didn't message me ! lol but I hope your little "vacation" was nice. Hope to see you on soon I miss you!

  •   shamster04 Il y a 3 d'années.

    truly gifted!

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