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SeeingBeyond | Numerology
14 votes
Starting at 3 I could hear and see spirits. Through out my journey I have met many important mediums like the famous Travis Hill from physic kids, who can add credibility to my abilities. My gifts include Medium, Channeling and connecting to loved ones on the other side, Tarot, Empathic, Clairvoyant, Seeier, and Automatic writing, I can't list them all here. Also Bilingual speaking Spanish.
  • Anglais, Espagnol

Le mur de SeeingBeyond




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  •   hesmec Il y a 2 d'années.

    Very good reading, made a whole lot of sense. Thank you!

  •   Empire Il y a 2 d'années.

    It was a good first read. Thank you. I will take your advice.

  •   nastiti Il y a 2 d'années.

    She is a very clear card reader and a very nice person to talk to..

  •   Sharifa88 Il y a 2 d'années.

    Was straight forward, positive, accurate & will come back for update. THANK YOU!



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