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MAGDALENA | Numerology
24 értékelés
I speak for the Divine that lives in us all. I am not just a "Psychic". I am a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairvoyant and healer. I can help you manifest your destiny as you align yourself with the truth that lives in you. You may not understand the whys or hows. But I do. You may not know the way. But I will show you. There is hope in the middle of the worst storm.
  • Angol, Német, Holland, Francia, Olasz, Portugál, Spanyol, Svéd, Görög, Török, Héber, Ukrán





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  •   EmmyBee 1 napja

    Thank You so much!

  •   wrekka1 28 napja

    she has great insights which i felt were on point with my situation.

  •   wrekka1 1 hónapja

    she seemed accurate at what she was saying.

  •   debbie1231 1 hónapja

    hi back for update love what she told me it so true thanks magdalena.

  •   Cristalina 1 hónapja

    Very Intune with the situation , quick and straight to the point. Love the reading

  •   stavrosnyc 1 hónapja

    excellent true honest and real

  •   Lorann23 2 hónapja

    Magdalena thank you so much for the wonderful reading, you are amazing so quick so accurate, you are fantastic God bless and thank you once again.

  •   debbie1231 2 hónapja

    back for undate very nice to talk again she straght forward in talking to me thank.

  •   debbie1231 2 hónapja

    hi just back for update very good report thanks

  •   moneras 2 hónapja

    very good reading

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